The Five Senses of Kissing

kissing five senses

I love kissing. Anyone that follows me on Twitter (@TheDirtyOracle) already knows I tend to obsess over kissing. In particular, I love watching two men kissing but I’ll watch pretty much anyone kiss. It’s the intimacy, sure; kissing is something that shares more than just fucking. You’re sharing something that engages all of your senses. Anyone can fuck … but when you’re kissing, you’re sharing something delectable.


The five senses of kissing

When I first started to notice how hot it was to watch people kiss, I was probably about fifteen. I already knew I loved kissing but finding out how hot it was to watch other people blew my mind. I became a complete voyeur. And I started to analyze what it was I loved so much about it and I realized it’s because of how many senses are used when you’re kissing.

What do you taste like?

When you kiss someone, you can taste something that doesn’t have a name. It’s just what they taste like; some people taste spicy, others more boldly sweet. There’s an indefinable … taste. Kissing brings that to the forefront and some people even become self-conscious of it. For me, it’s Altoids. I have a million of those tins around me everywhere I go. I picked up the habit when I was still a smoker; Altoids would mask the smell of cigarette on my breath when I kissed someone (or so I thought). Other people obsess over mouthwash or brushing their teeth. Whatever it is, you can taste that when you’re kissing. You associate certain tastes with certain people (Read my blog post about Sergeant and Danny to get an idea of what I mean by tasting someone) and when you taste those flavours away from them, it reminds you of the kiss. So yes, taste is definitely intimate.

I could stare at you for hours

“There is a saying, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.’ It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact in seven seconds. I have a habit that if I meet someone I don’t know, I’d like to look at her or his eyes on purpose. When my eyes lay on them, I can immediately see their true color.” This quote by Peng Liyuan epitomizes how sight factors into kissing. You can’t hide your emotions when you’re kissing because you can see it in your eyes. Whether your eyes are lust-blown black with your irises taking over every bit of the cornea or half-shuttered with pleasure, your lover can see that and react. When you look at your lover and you see their eyes wide open, watching every moment of kissing you, they are memorizing the way your face looks when you’re so close. Wanting to live fully in the moment when your lips brush against each other. Of course, the eyes are the windows to your arousal as well but that’s another blog for another time.

Do you smell that?

No I don’t mean something gross, get your mind out of the gutter. When you’re kissing someone, you’re close enough to know what they smell like. Earlier, when I talked about what kissing tastes like, it was a pretty similar to relating how someone smells. Perfumes and colognes can only go so far and when you’re close enough to kiss, you’re close enough to get the aroma of that person in your nose. The way their sweat smells, the way their hair smells, the aroma of their fabric softener; all of that comes together in your nose and you associate that particular scent with that person. It’s an animalistic trait, like smelling someone’s pheromones. If you ever have the opportunity to watch Aarin Asker and Will Angell’s scenes, there’s one in particular where Aarin buries his face in Will’s armpit and grins as he’s “covered in Daddy’s scent” (yeah I’ll wait here while you get your erection under control. That line has caused more of my panties to drop than I’m comfortable admitting in front of you.)

I can hear you, you know

Some people think the sound of two people kissing is gross. Some people, in this case, would be dead fucking wrong. The pants. The breathy little gasps. That dark growl that starts somewhere in your chest and rumbles out. These are the sounds of kissing. If you are close enough, you can hear the rasp of stubble against stubble. The moans your partner makes with each kiss. Fuck, it gets me every time.


Touch me

Regardless of any other sense, touch is the one that is most engaged. It begins when you start to touch your lover. Your fingers tracing along their body as you lean closer together. Your bodies come together; you can feel their leg against yours, from hip to knee. You can feel the fabric of their shirt on your fingertips as you push it out of the way. And ultimately, you feel their lips under yours. Complete and utter release comes with the stubble on their chin grazing yours. The taste of their kiss in your mouth, the pants and gasps that come between each kiss, seeing their eyes as you pull back, breathing the aroma of sex that hangs around the both of you. This is what intimacy will always look like. Your lover, lips swollen and slick, begging you with his eyes to do it again.

The romance of kissing

Yes, kissing is romantic. Everyone that has ever watched Pretty Woman knows how romantic it is. You grow up watching some of the greatest romances of your generation and they all start with kissing. When you’re apologizing for something, you kiss your partner to remind them that you care. When you’re being playful and trying to entice your lover, you spend quite a bit of time kissing their sensitive parts; the shell of the ear is always a favourite.

But really, I love kissing

My favourite part of every single porn scene I have ever watched is the kissing. Whether it’s the aggressive way Hans Berlin takes Troy Accola’s face into his hands and pulls him in for a kiss that says everything about pent-up sexual energy, or the softer kisses between Danny Gunn and Scott Finn, as they explore a renewed passion. When two people are kissing, they are opening up the very essence of who they are and sharing it with another person. I dare you to tell me that’s not hot.

What are some of your favourite kissing scenes? Do you find kissing hot or could you take a pass on it in your scenes? Leave a comment and start talking …

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