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Okay folks, we’ve made it. It’s officially Christmas Eve (I’m typing this at 0132 EST) and they say this is the time of year to be thankful and reflect. I have so many people that I need to be thankful for; people who improved my life and my career over the last year. Strap in. There’s a lot of links and people I have to thank. This is going to get very sappy. Shoot yourself full of insulin before reading.

First, thank you to Nick Capra. I’d been casually aware of adult stars on Twitter because of my career but had no real contacts prior to you. Your struggles, triumphs, joys, and troubles have been inspiring to me. Without you, I’m not sure that I would have had the courage to face my own addictions or seek the help for them. I’m sober (Five months, fifteen days) in no small part thanks to you.

I can’t mention Nick without mentioning his family. Sharon, Jimmy, and Timmy were welcoming (with reservation) and made me feel comfortable. Sharon was patient and lovely, Jimmy called me on my crap, and Timmy has been a quiet presence. Thank you for giving me a place I could be comfortable.

Nica Noelle is a director in the adult film industry. She has a vision that drives her films beyond JUST porn (although don’t get me misunderstood … her porn is enough to leave you panting, spent, and quivering in a corner). She is an advocate for the craft, demanding equality and better treatment across the industry. Despite being targeted by others, she has the courage to stand her ground and say ‘No. This isn’t acceptable.” Someday, I hope to be half the badass she is. Of course, I also hope that when I grow up, I’ll have her hair. But that’s another story for another time.

Hugh Hunter. I could gush about Hugh until you’re sick of me and then I’ll keep going. The most obvious thing is going to be how attractive he is (because yes, the man makes me weak) but that’s only the surface.  He is warm, generous, has a set of pipes that will make you love musical theatre (even if you already love it), and has been an inspiring trendsetter in advocating for better conditions in the industry. He was the first that I became aware of who protested the discrimination in porn by pointing out a segregated category in an awards show that is supposed to celebrate accomplishment in the adult film industry. His courage is to be admired, right along with his tattoos and that delicious ass I want to sink my teet … err … never mind. His husband might not appreciate my playing favourites. Although his is just as warm and welcoming, I find it hard to explain why I adore him beyond calling him my favourite orange dinosaur.

Mr. Bear and his Kitteh – You know my love for you. For all that you’ve done, volunteered to do, and keeping me in touch with my Bostonian roots. I love you both.

Owl … Your service, support, and strength has been more than I could ask for. Balancing my mania with calm guidance and lifting me up when my brain goes bad.

My bears (yes, I have bears). Daddy Bear and Brother Bear (I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry. The pun wouldn’t let it go). Will and Liam Angell have given me guidance, humour, friendship, and they don’t mind if I shed on the couch. I’m a lucky kitten, indeed.

Jawja … My favourite Georgian … Maverick never batted an eye. He latched on as a friend and we’ve not let go. Plus he’s in the running as the most reviewed escort in the COUNTRY. Don’t believe me? Go look. I’ll wait.

Jamie … #SgtsArmy … and by extension, Sergeant Miles. Friendly, hysterically funny, inappropriately dirty, and some of the best friends a kitten could ask for.

So many of you have been an important part of my life over the past year and I couldn’t have made it here without you. I’m sincerely hoping for the best for us all in 2018. And I’m hoping to make it around to different parts of the country so I can snuggle and hug you in person.

Okay, that’s it. That’s my obligatory post. I’ll reflect on my personal life later. For now I have to get two hours of sleep before I go to my in-laws for Christmas in the morning.

Much love

The Dirty Oracle

The Dirty Oracle


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