Jaxton Wheeler and Hans Berlin take part in some inappropriate touching (Iconmale)

inappropriate touching

Inappropriate touching shouldn’t be this fucking hot, okay? Let’s start with some of the facts that have become sort of my own white whale. In mid December 2017, Iconmale released a teaser clip for a scene between Jaxton Wheeler (the man drops my panties. Can’t help it) and Hans Berlin (those eyes could tap-dance me to the gates of hell itself). This clip? I can’t even remember what date it actually appeared on the site; but I’ve been committing mass genocide to D-cells for a solid six weeks, at least. (Do the math. Now you see why I charge $2.75/minute to talk with me)

Inappropriate touching, please!

I’ll call it December fifteenth, maybe sixteenth. I was laying in bed, getting ready to fall asleep and relaxing by flipping through the Upcoming Scenes on Iconmale. (What? It’s part of my shutdown as I’m going to bed). I was about half asleep when I caught Jaxton’s unmistakable frame hovering over … holy fuck that’s Hans Berlin! (cue: death of two D cells) I had recently fallen in lust with Hans from his appearance in the Stepfather series. Needless to say, I didn’t get the chance to watch the clip that first day. I’m fairly certain I passed out asleep after cumming so hard I could taste light. (chocolate covered gourmet caramel) When I woke up later that day, I was watching the clip as I sipped my coffee.  (add two more D cells)

There’s chemistry.

I’ve confessed my lust for both performers. Individually, each man is powerful on screen. Objectivity aside, it’s unrealistic to think that I would automatically love something on it’s face. Okay, maybe some bias. But I dare you to watch Hans Berlin in the moments before he’s kissing someone and tell me it’s not the most erotic thing you’ve ever seen. But even with that being said, the intensity of these two men together is fucking incendiary. On my first attempt to watch the clip, I lasted six minutes and twenty-six seconds. Watching Jaxton massaging Hans broad shoulders, leaning across his body to work his fingers deep into the muscle, was powerfully erotic but it was when Jaxton reached Hans’ feet that I happily ticked another kilojoule on my electric meter.

Body worship isn’t inappropriate (ish)

These two men, each in fantastic shape, know exactly how to make the scene hot. From Hans’ commentary on not wanting to impose his desires on the dark-haired masseuse to watching Jaxton stroking himself against Hans’ soles, the erotic tease ebbs and flows between them.

Jaxton’s side

I was lost from the first minute Jaxton pulled his shirt over his head (and fuck, have I mentioned enough how delicious that body is?). He spends several minutes licking and sucking Hans’ toes and earns a groan of pleasure from the man on the table. By the time he comes around to the head of the table, now completely naked, his cock is hard and bobbing in front of the German’s face. It doesn’t take long before Hans, laying on his stomach, is opening his mouth to show how much he appreciates the masseuse’s attentions.

Hans’ oral appropriation

So for just a second, I’m going to interject here. The position Hans is in for most of the first twelve minutes of the scene is a bitch but he makes it look easy. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. But I’ll take it all day long.

Okay so Hans’ ability to lick and suck is put on gorgeous display once he gives in to the obvious desire. He treats Jaxton’s cock with a passion that is almost as hot as when he kisses someone (what? I have a kissing fetish). And Jaxton puts on one hell of a display as he settles his mouth around Hans.

Sadly, this is where our story ends. You see, this scene is my white whale. It’s been available on the Iconmale site since January second. I’ve joked on social media a few times about watching this scene in minutes. Today is the twenty-first of January and I have managed to make it fifteen minutes and three seconds in. (Yes, I know I could watch it after I get off but I’m usually pretty fucking wiped out) At this rate, I think I might be able to get the rest of the way through by Valentine’s Day. Possibly my birthday. Definitely by the Fourth of July.

If you enjoy premium gay porn, I promise you Iconmale is worth the cost of admission. Maybe we could even watch a scene together?



  1. You had me at inappropriate (ish). Body worshipping should be reserved for the lovers and masuse. Mild sensation play , deeply erotic primal or that rout to sexual bliss forplay worship should only be reserve for special sensual moments. Would not recomend that for a first time. I have had the unfortunate “ was not aware you where into moment.” From a body worshipper ( I didn’t know they where into that.) The awkward moment. Was them chanting more then once “I love bodies your body, naked bodies I love the skin. Oh your skin your stiffing ( I was uncomfort) just love a stiff body”. Long story short creepy with a no we sure didn’t continue . Moral of the story you can’t spring Fetishes on people. If you have kinks or mildly unique fetishes that’s a due tell. Now back to this rocking body porn. I was with them at shirt off pawing and forplay. Interesting confusion where exactly the cock and mouth to sex actually came together. A little unfinished camo porn. I felt there’s more that should of arised before sex or the cock in his mouth. The logic is there for me . The aroused to cheer on or temptation to play as they eat and pleasure one another. Was not really there. Body worship isn’t in my cards of fetish. Sentation play with mild praise that sexal desire to touch, tease and maybe beg for release. Those are on the play list.

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