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GRRRL is a clothing line, designed for women who don’t fit ‘traditional’ body types. At least, that’s what you think when you first come across their Facebook page, or their website. A careful look, however, reveals a movement designed to empower women, to lift each GRRRL up and support her successes, failures, and all the attempts between. Grab a glass of wine and let’s talk about how GRRRL is out to make the world better, one pair of leggings at a time.


You cannot talk about GRRRL without mentioning it’s founder, Kortney Olson. She’s driven to success. I know it’s a coy phrase these days but one look at where she’s been and what she has accomplished, you’ll see the human equivalent of a Sherman tank; nothing stands in her way or it gets rolled over. It’s her energy that screams out of the page at you when you encounter the GRRRL message and it’s so loud and positive, it drowns out other negative voices. She’s open about her struggles. Her challenges. She showcases who she has become to inspire others.

Funky GRRRL Leggings

The first time I found the GRRRL website, I had no idea what I was looking at. I don’t even remember how I found them but it was probably because I was looking for leggings to wear when I work out. I love leggings. I love cute and unique leggings. When I found myself looking at their workout clothes, I was confused at first because, who the hell has a size called “Amenah”? A few minutes later and I’d found their sizing page, which explained how they determined their clothing size and … okay so I cried a little.

Teaching GRRRLs to Love Ourselves

It’s been about a year since I first discovered GRRRL. I’ve not bought their leggings because I’m not really all that proud of my measurements today (I’m working on it). But I’ve followed Kortney and the GRRRL movement. I’ve watched as she grows her business, as the GRRRLs flock to the movement as she spreads the message across the globe.  I’ve discovered a way to practice self love through acceptance as I see the changes I can make. I joined a crossfit bootcamp, for crying out loud! Hey, I’m even eating better (ish. Shush, it’s a process). And that is directly thanks to the positive images and energy coming from the GRRRL Army.

Self Love Rebellion

There’s a fundraiser to spread the word even wider. I’ve already contributed but I would like you to consider giving as well. These are changes that will affect women and grrrls for the rest of our lives. (also, if you contribute by clicking on any of my links, I might win a gift card for … yep … MORE LEGGINGS!!)

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