There are ten things that I think you should know about me.

Jordan, in ten-ish points or less

  1. I’ve been doing phone sex work for ten years. You may not recognize the face but the voice is familiar, I’m sure.
  2. I’m Bostonian. That includes the attitude, the sarcasm, the devotion, and the ability to stay silent about anything I may or may not have seen/heard.
  3. I am powered entirely by coffee, wine, and sarcasm.
  4. I’m not as mean as you might have heard … I promise.
  5. I can be bribed … coffee is your best option. Dunkin Donuts, in particular.
  6. I’m meaner than you’ve heard.
  7. I am, at any given point, silly, vicious, kind, humiliating, sarcastic, and funny.
  8. No, you will never see my wife so, stop asking.
  9. I have exactly zero compulsion to allow you to cum.
  10. There’s a lie in here somewhere.

Wow, that’s a lot of information, isn’t it?


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